Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A little more on Albert Michelson's work and the family home

"El Jefe" at Twisted Oak Winery wrote:

The technique Michelson invented to measure the speed of light (the interferometer), and for which he won the prize, is now being used to make "very large arrays" of telescopes - which astronomers are using to see even farther into space.

The original house was the two front rooms, and behind those was the kitchen porch. The parents and four children lived in those two rooms for about ten years. A large sitting room, bedroom, and indoor plumbing were added on in the 1870s, along with a side building and barn - from which the original Mercer Cavern tours were conducted. The original kitchen porch became the sitting room and is where we have our tasting room today. If you stand at the right end of the bar, you are standing over the well - at least they had running water in the kitchen!

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